Cleaning protocols for the Coronavirus in Fincas Arena apartments

Fincas Arena Cleaning Protocols

Clean-up has never been more important than in these uncertain times of the emergence of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease known as COVID-19

Investment in cleaning and well-established protocols are as important, if not more so, than a smile on the part of the receptionist or having a nice establishment, but at Fincas Arena we have always been committed to and have given vital importance to cleaning and hygiene, going hand in hand with our suppliers of professional cleaning and disinfection products, who advise us on all products and protocols to be followed in all phases of cleaning.

Why is it so important to maintain a strict and clear cleaning protocol?

The recent appearance of new coronaviruses indicates that we should not lower our guard.

When SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) appeared, it hit very hard, but it only lasted six months, whereas MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) was very difficult to catch but with a high mortality rate, it remained much longer.

This coronavirus COVID-19 , it is still not known if when it reaches 30% of the population, the immunity will stop or if when getting the vaccine it will be totally eliminated like smallpox or it will become seasonal like the flu.

Viruses mutate. If the population is immune, it may disappear, or the virus may mutate in another way due to immune pressure.

You always have to be prepared for all this.

 How do we act in Fincas Arena to clean and disinfect our apartments?

We have a strict working protocol to clean the apartments in Benidorm.

  • We wash our hands before and after at least 20 seconds with soap.
  • We use the following disinfectant products (approved by the Ministry of Health) virucide, bactericide and fungicide, we use it in all critical points such as switches, door handles, taps, washbasins, remote controls, etc … and we let it act at least 5 minutes. Each one is used depending on the type of surface or element to be treated
  • We changed sheets and towels and let the apartment air out.
  • The mattress covers, mattress, pillow cases, cushions, curtains, sofas are disinfected with specific product or with steam at 100 º.
  • Quilts, blankets and other textile elements not needed in summer are removed.
  • We have placed in our office reception gel hydro-alcoholic disinfectant, common use for all and will be mandatory use of mask and access to our office will be llimitado.
  • We will deliver a personal kit with a mask and small hydro-alcoholic gel so that when you leave you can comply with the Regulations in force.

In this way, we ensure that between the entrance of one guest to the other there is no possibility of contagion.


We have consulted technicians from companies accredited by Health and for the disinfection of fabrics, which cannot be washed, there are 2 options, or virucidal chemicals that are sprayed on the surface, which can leave residue and affect sensitive or allergic people or steam at 100º, which inactivates and destroys the virus by heat and leaves no residue or smell.

We have chosen the steam option to avoid any possibility of allergy of our customers to the products we might use.


We have always been aware of all this and have not spared any cleaning products. We have taken as a goal to comply with the requirements indicated by the ICTE (Spanish Quality Technical institute) protocols, approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

In our company we have always believed that having our own personnel with a fixed contract, facilitates and favors the maintenance of cleaning protocols and updated training, therefore, all our team is on staff, both reception and cleaning and self-manage the cleaning.

We own a small industrial laundry and calender for washing and ironing sheets and towels, thus ensuring the strictest controls in our laundry and total disinfection, passing through fewer intermediaries and ensuring the hygiene chain. We also control the rotation time of all the lingerie, making sure that the clean and ironed clothes remain in our warehouse for 7 days before being used again in another apartment, greatly minimizing the chances of survival of the virus in the clothes


At Fincas Arena, both the property and the whole team working to assist you during your holidays, are fully aware of this situation, and through various employers’ associations in the holiday housing sector APTUR (profesional holidays rentals associationin Costa Blanca), we have offered our apartments for the use of health personnel, state security forces and essential workers for free.

We collaborate with this initiative BY YOU CV // AMB VOSALTRES CV for the use of the apartments free of charge for all these heroes through this website organised through the professional association APTUR of which we are a part.

Visit our website for more information about us and our rates for holidays and companies

On our website you will find the best guaranteed price for our apartments and these exclusive additional advantages.

Miguel Angel Sotillos, Director of Fincas Arena

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