General conditions



            All apartments compliant marking the Valencian Government Decree 92/2009 on "tourist apartments", all of which are classified as category Standard. Farm management companies are Arena (EGVT-46-A) and SERVIARENA SL (EGVT-342-A).




            The entrance to the apartment is from 17.00 on day of arrival; on account of the time required for cleaning and conditioning. They can take before they are ready if prior agreement with us.
Customers arriving outside office hours or on public holidays must first inform (tel 965 85 25. 12), to indicate where and how to collect the keys; they usually leave a note of warning in the information panel on the door of the reception office (Farm Arena, Avd. Europa 23).


Upon delivery of keys to the apartment, the customer will leave a "deposit" not less than € 150.00 cash.
In the event that the customer has collected the keys outside of office hours, at the agreed place, you must go through the front office following the first business day of arrival for entrance checking, and you can collect the keys parking, if the building has it, ever since those keys are delivered elsewhere.


            The output of the apartment and return of keys shall be limited, at 10.00 am on departure day. The apartment must be free of debris, with all the furniture and utensils in the same place that was at the entrance, ordered and within a normal level of use and decorum and cleanliness.


If the customer plans to leave early, before the opening time of the office, you can leave the bail by credit card and we will cancel the charge to check the condition of the apartment and returned the keys or take your bank account number return the deposit by bank transfer.




            Expenses under the conditions of the reservation or failing that apply will be charged according to the rules laid down by Decree 19/97 of February 11 of the Valencian Government, which regulates prices and reservations in tourist accommodation in Valencia . Transfer fees, refund, credit card or any other will be deducted according to the laws.




            Cleaning the apartment at the entrance, towels and sheets to the occupants declared is included in the price. If you are more than 7 nights will be left enough for the length of stay clothing.


            FINCAS ARENA / SERVIARENA S.L. accepts no liability for valuables customers stop in apartments; therefore they exist in most of them "safes" that can be rented in our office.


            Not all apartments have washing machines, ask in your booking form if it is necessary and try to satisfy your request. Optionally you can rent a TV for your dates.


If problems arise during your stay, contact us at our office (PROPERTY ARENA), Av / Europa, 23, telephone 96 585 December 25.


If it occurs outside normal opening hours of the office, there is a phone call for emergencies 24 hours indicated on the outside window of our office. Do not use this phone will be the responsibility of the customer and will not refund any amount of service they have not asked us (accommodation, locksmith, plumber, or other).




The house rules and use are regulated in the Spanish general legislation, and specifically in the Horizontal Property Law, Decree of tourist apartments of the Valencian Government and the particular Statutes of the Owners of each building.


It is absolutely forbidden to bring pets in the apartment (check with our office).


Can not be occupied by more people the apartments of the capacity specified and signed the lease.
It is forbidden to have glassware in the pool area. Hygiene standards for use of the pool as well as times of use thereof must be met at all times. No chairs or towels can lower endowment of the apartment to the pool or garden. And do not enter the portal of the building, especially in the elevator with wet feet.


You must respect the basic rules of dress, behavior and civility in public areas of the buildings where they are housed, also the right to break the other neighbors of the building must be respected.
The furniture and utensils of the apartment can not be removed from it.


If you have community parking building, you can only park in the same vehicle for each apartment; only you can park if there is a free spot, because there is no ability for all apartments of each building, (note that there are buildings with height or size of restricted vehicle if very high vehicles or large consult with us. If your vehicle does not fit in the parking, we are not responsible.


Failure of any of these rules is grounds for termination of the lease, with loss of all amounts paid.


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